PS5 faceplate maker that told Sony to “go ahead, sue us” threatened with legal action, pulls products

PS5 faceplate maker that told Sony to “go ahead, sue us” threatened with legal action, pulls products

In a classic case of someone (almost) getting what they asked for then regretting it, Dbrand, a PS5 faceplate maker who told Sony to “go ahead, sue us,” has removed its Darkplates from sale after the gaming giant threatened legal action.

It was back in February when Dbrand’s Darkplates—matt black faceplates for the PS5 that gave the console a more classic PlayStation look—were made available for pre-order. The move came after another faceplate seller, CustomizeMyPlates, had to remove its products from sale and cancel all pre-orders due to Sony prepping lawyers who had already demanded the firm change its name from PlateStation5. But CustomizeMyPlates’ products returned to sale earlier this year minus the PlayStation-like logos.

Dbrand wasn’t concerned about suffering the same fate, taunting Sony with a dare to sue. It even wrote that the microscopic texture inside the Darkplates featured “a familiar-but-legally-distinct apocalyptic spin on the classic PlayStation button shapes.”

But it seems the Canadian firm’s hubris was ill-advised. It took Sony a few months to act, but that cease-and-desist letter has finally arrived at the faceplate maker’s door. Part of the notice states Dbrand’s products “replicate SIE’s [Sony Interactive Entertainment] protected product design,” and Sony seems to disagree with the claim that those button shapes are “legally-distinct” from the PS button designs—Dbrand suggests Sony might now want to go after Squid Game.

The Squid Game card. Can Netflix expect a cease-and-desist letter from Sony?

The Darkplates section of Dbrand’s store currently shows only links to media articles about Sony’s legal threats. The company has used Reddit to give a lengthy response that summarizes with: “we’ve elected to submit to the terrorists’ demands… for now.”

“In closing, fk you and especially fk Sony. Talk soon.”

Sony’s aggressive stance toward some third-party makers suggests it is preparing to release its own official faceplates, which Dbrand believes is about to happen. But most people are more concerned with being able to actually buy a PlayStation 5 without resorting to eBay. If you’re a US resident who falls into this category, you could sign up for the opportunity to receive an invitation to a restock event.