Your Cat Depends On You. Read These Tips.

Your Cat Depends On You. Read These Tips.

One of the most unique animals is a cat. They are smart, independent and loving. Caring for cats in proper ways, though, it not always that simple. Get some advice here on how to care for your cat in a productive and affordable way, making his life better overall.

Spay your female cat. Even though your cat stays indoors all the time, there might be that one time she slips through the door when she goes into heat, which results in a litter of unexpected kittens. Unless you want the hassle of getting rid of kittens, spaying is the best option for your cat.

Cats can have nocturnal tendencies. They get very active at night. If your cats keep you up at night, kick them out of the bedroom. This should help them from waking you during the night, pouncing on your feet under the covers.

You have to place a litter box correctly. Put the litter box in a secluded area, and make sure that it is not near the cat’s food. Also be sure that the cat litter area is ventilated so the smell doesn’t linger. Both your cat and you will appreciate this.

Your cat needs attention and a lot of affection. Cats are looking for a response in kind in exchange for all of the friendly companionship they offer to humans. They are social creates which need reassurance. They should feel like a valued family member as well.

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Remember that very young children can be a bit too rough with a cat or new kitten. Tell them how to be gentle. The objective is to be as gentle as possible with your cat. A cat’s bones are not as strong as a dogs, and they should be treated more gently.

Do you own both a dog and a cat? Dogs will always try to eat a cat’s food. Try locating your cat’s food in an area where the dog cannot go. The added benefit is that you will prevent fights over the other animals food and water when one of them runs out.

Make sure that you brush your cat’s coat often. This keeps the fur well oiled and the skin healthy. It also loosens hair that is about ready to fall out. This will help to eliminate hairballs, which build in your cat’s stomach and prevents it from grooming itself.

Treat your cat to a good quality cat food. Look at ingredient lists, making sure that a protein source, such as beef, chicken or fish, is at the top of the list. Don’t give your cat foods that have corn or other elements that have no protein. Because cats are carnivores, their diet need only consist of a good source of protein.

Keep a breakaway collar and tag on your cat. Even if it’s an indoor cat, this is important. Cats can be very curious and they may escape out of a door or a window. Tags that have your vet’s name and phone number are good things to put on the collar. This is also vital if your animal has health issues.

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Play is an important part of a cat’s life. All animals of all ages need to play and a cat is no different. Older cats do not have the same energy level as younger ones, but they still like to play a little. Have as much fun time with your cat as possible.

Do you feel as if there is cat hair all over the place? Cats shed a lot, so it is important to brush them often. The more your cat sheds, the more often you want to give them a good brushing. This will lessen the amount of hair around your home and it will keep them from getting knots in their hair if they have medium or long hair.

Take your cat for checkups and vaccinations on a regular basis to keep him healthy and strong. Just like children, a kitten needs to have immunizations and wellness checks periodically to avoid disease and other health problems later in life. Your cat will be a valued member of your family, which means treating it just as you would other loved ones.

Give your cat a collar that features your contact information. Even if your cat is an indoor cat, there is that small chance he or she might get out one day. Fitting your cat with a tag and collar greatly increases the chance that your cat will make it home safely.

Some human foods you enjoy often are not good for your cat. A few unhealthy food items for cats are green tomatoes, grapes, garlic and onions. These foods can make your cat very ill. In addition, milk can also upset your cat’s stomach.

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Cats have a heightened sense of smell, and they can detect environmental changes easily. This can be troublesome sometimes if you’re trying to feed the cat new food or give it new toys. Your cat will probably not like these items immediately; therefore, be patient. Your cat will begin using it as soon as he is used to its smell.

If your cat is prone to regular hairballs even after brushing regularly, keep reading for some great tips that can help you out. You can try adding a teaspoon or so of pumpkin to your cat’s food. You can also mix in a little water from a tuna can with the pumpkin. Anti-hairball foods are available commercially as well.

If you are worried about your cat contracting rabies, catching fleas or being exposed to fungus, you should not let him go outdoors. This is not saying indoor cats cannot be affected by some of the same things, but outdoor cats are more susceptible.

A cat is a great pet for your family, but you need to learn how to take good care of your pet. Use these tips at your discretion. Take what you have learned, and use it to create a home that gives your cat a happy and healthy life.